First career as mechanical engineer making diverse products such as aero engines for Rolls Royce and riding hats for Thomas Townend. Last ten years creativity has blossomed from interior and jewellery design to now making abstract images.

Inspired by memories of my daughter’s absorption as a child examining objects in her hands for ages; love the thought of studying a found object from different perspectives then creating a series of images of the same object.

Physical limits rewarded by looking closely at the detail of things within reach and their intrinsic imperfect beauty. Interested in confusion created by concept of turning things the size of a fingernail into the size of a window.

All images are abstract. Much pleasure is taken from interpretations of my work – the range of suggestions is in turn funny, unexpected, charming. The objects photographed are not revealed.

Self taught, images are taken in natural light at home, there is little manipulation of the photograph apart from cropping. Images are printed on aluminium or mirror giving them luminosity that changes with the light during the day and the seasons echoing the ephemeral nature of the image itself.

Views through the lens bring a thrill, surprise and delight. Something exists yet can’t be seen by the naked eye. Am delighted by my creation of mysterious, painterly photographs of the rejected, the damaged, the aged and the overlooked.

printing process

Images are printed on to aluminium or mirror using one of two printing processes: direct to media or chroma luxe. These give a smooth, stable and abrasion resistant image that is also weather resistant for up to 5 years. Images supplied with a frame and brackets for immediate hanging.

Images are mainly in editions of 7 and are approximately A2, A3, A1 (36”x24”) and A0 (48”x36”) or larger.